5 Drawbacks To The HCG Protocol

With every decision you make, there are positives and negative to weigh out. When starting a weightloss program, the positive is pretty obvious: losing weight and getting healthy. But sometimes you don’t think about the negatives until you experience it. Here 5 negatives of doing the HCG Protocol to consider before starting.

1. The approved-food list is short. During Phase 2, no sugars or starches are permitted. But it does not end there. Even the fruits, vegetables, and proteins you can have are very limited. For example, the only fruits allowed are apples, grapefruit, and strawberries. Even when you start Phase 3, you still have to be careful, as some fruits are high in sugar, and some vegetables are very starchy.

2. You have to buy new clothes. Clothes get loose very fast. Something you were wearing at thestart of the protocol will most likely be too big a month later.

3. You may get criticism from family and friends. If you tell people close to you about your “diet” plan, some reactions will will most likely be, “that won’t work,” and “Is that healthy?” As much as you can hope that people close to you will be supportive, I know from personal experience that not every will be. Don’t let others tell you what is best for you. Decide for yourself. If it is, you can strut you slimmer behind in front of them when you are done!

4. You may miss holiday and special occasion meals.
No matter how well you try to plan your protocol, chances are you may have to miss out on a wedding dinner, Fourth of July cookout, or maybe a few New Year’s cocktails. Decide which means more to you: indulging in Thanksgiving pumpkin pie for five minutes, or reaching that 10lbs, 20lbs, or even 40lbs loss goal you set for yourself. Remember, that pie will be there next year!

5. Hitting a plateau. It is so frustrating and discouraging to see the same number on the scale four, five, even six days in a row. This usually arises toward the end of the protocol, when loss has been pretty consistent. An “apple day” can help break the plateau. Eat six apples, from lunch one day to lunch the next day. The only drink allowed is water, and only to quench an uncomfortable thirst.

There are some aspects of the HCG Protocol that are less than enjoyable. The HCG Protocol is not for everyone, as it is very restrictive. It will require some self-discipline, as with most diets. Overall, considering the incredible weight loss that can be achieved over such a short period of time, this is a great way to lose considerable weight.
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