Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Every human seeks for a healthy living by taking proper food regularly and also by following any of the best exercise to lose weight. Intake of healthy food is absolutely necessary one to live healthy life where most of the people willing to follow it. Both physical and mental fitness of any person depends completely on the food that he takes every day. Even the obesity problem occurs due to intake of improper food with following the weight loss plans. Though people are living with the hectic schedule and fast-paced lifestyle, they don’t get more time to take care of their health that further makes them to degrade with the consumption of various junk food, caffeine or nicotine. Once the situation becomes so worsen up then you can find many people will fall into the trap of various problems like migraines, tiredness and depression.

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That’s the reason you can find many people today get prone to health disorders easily purely not taking the high quality food items. The reason for an occurrence of various diseases and huge weight gain is that they don’t have essential food ingredients in the right proportion. The health and wellness retreat are the right way to enhance one’s health which can accomplish through various weight loss programs, yoga, counseling and meditation. There are many healthy drinks and nutritional food for person’s diet which help every people to keep away from junk and oily food. Taking good food and doing regular exercise will help you to live a healthy life. There is some best exercise to lose weight where most of the people like to follow it without fail. The exercise can be done under the guidance of various fitness center and masters. There are also many home based fitness equipments being available in this world for the welfare of both men and women to under any best exercise to lose weight.

Since weight loss is the buzz going everywhere among the people in this present day. People who follow improper food plans and eating habits finally will bring them to overweight and a lot of medical issues in future. People should always realize the importance of maintaining body weight before they get suffer due to excess weight. As we are living in this technology world there are many health based equipments being available and also you can find many websites which provide many tips to undergo best exercise to lose weight. To reduce the body weight, you can visit many weight loss plans based websites where you can get numerous tips from that.

The interested person with an aim of reducing the excess weight can follow the plans that are being found in many health based websites. From any of the weight loss website, people with huge weight can gather information about reducing the body weight and try to implement that.

5 Drawbacks To The HCG Protocol

With every decision you make, there are positives and negative to weigh out. When starting a weightloss program, the positive is pretty obvious: losing weight and getting healthy. But sometimes you don’t think about the negatives until you experience it. Here 5 negatives of doing the HCG Protocol to consider before starting.

1. The approved-food list is short. During Phase 2, no sugars or starches are permitted. But it does not end there. Even the fruits, vegetables, and proteins you can have are very limited. For example, the only fruits allowed are apples, grapefruit, and strawberries. Even when you start Phase 3, you still have to be careful, as some fruits are high in sugar, and some vegetables are very starchy.

2. You have to buy new clothes. Clothes get loose very fast. Something you were wearing at thestart of the protocol will most likely be too big a month later.

3. You may get criticism from family and friends. If you tell people close to you about your “diet” plan, some reactions will will most likely be, “that won’t work,” and “Is that healthy?” As much as you can hope that people close to you will be supportive, I know from personal experience that not every will be. Don’t let others tell you what is best for you. Decide for yourself. If it is, you can strut you slimmer behind in front of them when you are done!

4. You may miss holiday and special occasion meals.
No matter how well you try to plan your protocol, chances are you may have to miss out on a wedding dinner, Fourth of July cookout, or maybe a few New Year’s cocktails. Decide which means more to you: indulging in Thanksgiving pumpkin pie for five minutes, or reaching that 10lbs, 20lbs, or even 40lbs loss goal you set for yourself. Remember, that pie will be there next year!

5. Hitting a plateau. It is so frustrating and discouraging to see the same number on the scale four, five, even six days in a row. This usually arises toward the end of the protocol, when loss has been pretty consistent. An “apple day” can help break the plateau. Eat six apples, from lunch one day to lunch the next day. The only drink allowed is water, and only to quench an uncomfortable thirst.

There are some aspects of the HCG Protocol that are less than enjoyable. The HCG Protocol is not for everyone, as it is very restrictive. It will require some self-discipline, as with most diets. Overall, considering the incredible weight loss that can be achieved over such a short period of time, this is a great way to lose considerable weight.
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5 Simple And Effective Diet Tips To Lose Weight

Losing weight might be is to role of medical or lifestyle purposes. But whatever inspires a person to lose weight, it follows a elementary regulation of exercise and strong eating to be able to lose weight significantly. Here are a few of the many suggested diet tips to lose weight for you to soak up in your own dieting program.

1. Dieting is a really elementary arithmetic: Burn more calories than what you consume.

Exercise is invalid if you will finish up binge eating afterwards. Control your cravings by celebration up sufficient H2O before you eat. Eating a light soup before eating a dish will help expand up your stomach. This is one of the practices that keep Japanese and Chinese people slim and healthy.
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2. Find a jointly understanding organisation that will help you hang to your diet program

Continuity is key to many diet plans. There is no indicate in sportive currently and not wanting to pierce a few stairs the next day. Fitness clubs are profitable the members encouragement any other by the process. When one associate feels similar to quitting, there are other members who will certainly urge on him to hang to the diet. But if you find gym and aptness clubs expensive, obtain the encouragement of your family members in carrying out the diet program. Or improved yet, make your kin come together you in your cause.

3. Tell your friends about your diet program

If your friends used to change you to splash a few bottles of beer or to go to an all-you-can-eat grill then this recommendation is for you. Declaring that you are on diet will obtain them to help you watch what you eat and make you do more exercise than you often do. It is a form of encouragement that great friends could supply you whilst you are on diet.

4. Play your preferred exploit video games or watch torment thrillers cinema whilst working out

Exercise lend towards to be tedious mainly if you’re on a still bike at home. Why not block in your Wii or Xbox and fool around a automobile race game. You’ll watch that even with minimal movements whilst personification the game, you’ll be sweating more. The reason at the back this is that your body produces adrenalin when it encounters aggressive or terrifying actions (such as examination spirit movies).

5. It’s not bad to hope is to most appropriate but ensure it’s realistic

If you urge on yourself by posting a publication cut out of Brad Pitt on the beach then do so-for as long as you gain from it then go on carrying out it. But surroundings such high expectations will finally be unsatisfactory in the long run. Create practicable goals continually and if you are saying a few great results then elementary go on what you are doing.

Dieting is not an overnight process. It is simpler mentioned than completed so be sure that you’d travel your speak all the way. Aside from a nice body to flaunt, the most appropriate segment of dieting is that you keep yourself fit and healthy. Try these diet tips to lose weight now.

Weight Watcher Point Counter

Since the 1960’s Weight Watchers has been helping people shed those extra pounds.  In fact the Weight Watcher diet plan has been the most successful of all weight loss programs – ever – focusing on nutrition and exercise to lose weight. This is a company that can now be found in 30 countries, but it was during the 1990’s that the weight watcher point counter was introduced.

Weight Watchers is unique because it counts points instead of calories using the weight watchers point counter.  This means that every single food has a point value assigned to it and a combination of foods to make a dish have a total point value.

So rather than worrying about what number of calories you are consuming, you need to just keep tab of points.  You get so many points for the day and so many for the week and how you consume your daily points is up to you.  There are no food restrictions.

Your weight watcher plan will assign you your points for each day based on your body type and your current body weight, plus your desired weight goal.  You use the weight watchers point counter to calculate what the point value of all the different foods is.  The “FlexPoints” system introduced in 2004 now lets you bank some of your points for that special occasion or treat at the end of the week.

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Once a week you will meet at the Weight Watchers center where your weight loss counselor will weigh you in and you will record your new numbers.  Next you will participate in the group meeting, which will be a relaxing time of trading stories and tips, as well as motivational stuff for the following week.  Weight Watchers also provides you with the full weight watchers point counter which includes the point chart, and the optional pocket point calculator can also be purchased and is available online just by logging into weight watchers site.

Online you’ll find group discussions and diet consultation as well as hundreds of great recipes, all encouraging you to stick with the program.  Motivation is a huge part of success with any program. And because the weight watcher point counter is an integral part of the program a great deal of time is spent working within in and teaching you how to combine foods for the best point value.

The Weight Watcher diet plan combined with weight watchers point counter is far superior to any fad diets that provide very little weight loss and just cost you a lot of money. Weight watchers costs around $40 a month, which some may find expensive compare to other diet plans, however the weight watchers point counter is an effective program so if it work is $40 really too much money ?  You can spend less and get a lot less results too.  Your weight watchers point counter is the main tool to staying within your allowable points.  Don’t worry with no food restrictions you’ll forget you are on a diet.  But then who could resist a delicious chocolate cake ?

Aerobic Exercise – The Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

If you don’t know the importance of aerobic exercise, you’ve probably been living below a rock, or on another planet. Aerobic athletics is essential for staying in good health, and for having a strong heart, decreasing your risk of heart disease and a variety of other health allied problems.

However, most people don’t realize the importance of warming up before aerobic exercise, or cooling down at the end of aerobic exercise. When you warm up, you are essentially preparing your muscles for the work that you are in relation to to require of them. If these muscles are not properly warmed up, injuries can artlessly occur. Warming up will also notify your cardiovascular ecosystem that it needs to wake up and get done for what you have in store. Failing to do this could result in a heart attack, if your heart isn’t in excellent condition – and in some cases, even if it is.

Warming up characteristically begins with stretching exercises. You need to broaden all of your muscles, and this warm up period can last for about ten minutes, but shouldn’t last any less than five minutes. Start at the top, with your neck, and work your way down – all the way to your feet. Also march in arrange for in relation to a minute, at a good pace, to get the blood baggy to those muscles.

March benignly however, so as not to injure muscles that are not properly warmed up. At the end of your aerobic exercise, you need to cool the body back down. This lets the muscles know that the work is over, and they can relax a bit, and also lets your cardiovascular ecosystem know that it can stop working so hard and return to acceptable as well.

Just as you don’t want to shock the ecosystem with abrupt athletics – without a warm up – you also don’t want to shock your ecosystem with a abrupt stop. Think of it as slamming on the breaks if you breakup your aerobic workout, without the cool down period. Cooling down can be adroit with gentle stretching and walking, or gentle marching. It is characteristically the same process as warming up the muscles, which is done prior to the athletics – only in reverse.

The cool down period should last in relation to ten action as well. When you schedule your aerobic workout, make sure that you schedule time for the all important warm up and cool down, and analyze it a part of the real workout. Never feel like these accomplishments are a waste of time – they are essential to good health, just as aerobic athletics is essential to good health.

Weight Lifting Beginners Guide

1) Terminology

There are some terms that may not be obvious to someone who is a beginner to weight lifting. Reps – short for “Repetitions”, this simply means the number of times you perform an exercise Sets – this is a certain amount or reps. For example an exercise routine may ask for 2 Sets where each set is made up of 10 reps, so in total you do 20 reps.

2) Strength or Endurance?

There is a clear distinction between muscle strength and muscle endurance. Different sports require different approach to training. In a sport like American Football, an athlete would benefit more from muscle strength because of all the physical contact. However if you prefer Soccer for example, you don’t need as much muscle strength as you need endurance. So how do I focus on one or the other you are wondering? Well that’s easy! There is a simple formula for that: Heavy weights with minimal reps = muscle strength Lighter weights with maximum reps = muscle endurance

3) How much weight?

If you are training for muscle strength, use as much weight as comfortable for 8 reps. The last rep should be challenging to lift. If you are training for muscle endurance, use as much weight as comfortable for 35-40 reps. The last rep should be challenging to lift. Obviously you will need to experiment a little before you get the correct weight for yourself. Over time you will progress and find that you can now do more reps with the same weight. In this case congratulate yourself on the improvement and increase the weight!

4) How Often?

This is a smart question! Do not over-do it. When you start seeing results it will be very tempting to push yourself harder. However this will only lead to injury. The optimal schedule should be weight training every other day. This will give you a day of rest. So either: Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. On your “rest” days, try to get some cardiovascular exercise such as running, biking, swimming, etc…

5) How to Lift

Remember to STRETCH before exercising and if you so desire after. When lifting weights, do not hold your breath. Inhale at the beginning of your motion, then exhale at the end. Refer to the pictures on how to do the exercises. If something doesn’t feel right(i.e.: you are not working out the muscle you are suppose to) then it’s probably because you are not in the right position. In this case readjust yourself until you feel that particular muscle is being worked on.

How Long Does It Take To Get In Great Shape?

As a trainer, one of the first questions I’m asked is “how long will it take me to get in shape?”  Unfortunately, my answer can only come in the form of 3 “magic” questions: What’s your definition of ‘in shape’

How long did it take you to fall “out of shape”?

How bad do you want it?

The first question reveals a person’s goals, the second is more of a statement than a question that’s designed to help them adjust their expectations, and third tells me if their question is merely lip-service.

What’s your definition?

How you define ‘in shape’ matters greatly.  Some folks define it by how far they can run, some define it by how strong they are, or how much mass they gain/fat they lose.

From the beginning, Da Fitness Guy’s “brand” of training focuses on creating athletic, strong, graceful, performance-based physiques that are ready to take hits and dish them out if necessary.  Thus, I put a strong emphasis on tracking the progress towards my clients goals.

Get on the scale.  Are you ‘in shape’?  There’s really no way of knowing unless you’re actively monitoring your progress.  The scale is a very small small part of tracking one’s progress.

How long will it take?

From an aesthetic standpoint, are you satisfied with how you look in the mirror?  How long it will take depends on your current bodyfat level vs. lean body mass ratio.  That said, if a client takes their training seriously, they will begin to see subtle changes in their physique around the 3 to 4 week point.  By the 10-12 week point, however, their body composition will be significantly different from when they started.

Do yourself a favor and turn off “TMZ”

The unholy trinity of the food, fitness, and medical industries have confused and muddled the minds of the public with conflicting (mis)information.  Actors, bodybuilders, and models use a multitude of drugs, steroids, diuretics, and hormones in order to attain their attention grabbing physiques.  Since they follow the philosophy of “better bodies through harmful chemistry”, if you listen to them, you’re going to drive yourself nuts.  Depending on your natural somatotype (endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph), you will have unique goals and requirements, and you cannot judge yourself by the artificial standards of magazines, models or media.

How bad do you want it?

Of course, a good start doesn’t necessarily mean a good finish.  You always need to keep  your goals in mind, even when the going gets tough and you want to quit.  Stay accountable to yourself and to others.  That’s where having a trainer, training partner or support group is super important.  Also, using social networks like Facebook and Twitter to post your results and stay motivated is another good idea.  You only need motivation for the first 3 weeks (it takes 21 days to build or break any habit), after which you’ve established a habit.

Always beware inertia!

It bears repeating..

At the risk of repetition, when you think to yourself, “I wonder how long it would take me to get back in shape”?  Ask yourself these 3 “magic” questions:

What’s your definition of ‘in shape’

How long did it take you to fall “out of shape”?

How bad do you want it?

Bonita Carb Blocker

Bonita™ Carb Blocker is part of the Bonita family of great drugs which produces great results. Bonita™ Carb Blocker is an amazing dietary supplement which is produced by Bonita. Bonita is well known for their great and amazing flagship product which is the Bonita Fat Blocker. The Bonita Fat Blocker is the main and the most popular product from Bonita and this product has given them world wide recognition. The Bonita™ Carb Blocker is a very good supplement that uses revolutionary technology that will help and assist your body in reducing and blocking the intake and absorption of carbohydrates. This very effective supplement is a revolutionary drug or product will help your body block out the absorption of carbohydrates and by doing this it will vastly reduce your carbohydrate intake. By reducing the number and amount of carbohydrates that your body ingests and takes in, this will also greatly reduce the intake and absorption of calories into your digestive tract and your body.

This supplement is not only very good and highly effectively but it is also vey safe. It is very good and it will help you lose and shed weight in those unwanted areas. It has been tried and tested and it has been proven to be a reliable weight loss supplement. This product can and will work on anyone who is committed and serious about losing but it is also specifically targeted at people and individuals who tend to overeat and over indulge in foods that are high and have a lot of carbohydrates. It has and contains a special formulated formula that blocks and stops the absorption of carbs and in the process reduces the ingestion of calories.

Bonita™ Carb Blocker is mainly made from chitosan which mostly comes from exoskeletons of shellfish. Chitosan is very widely used and it is used in horticultural, industrial, and biomedical fields and industry. This product has been tried and tested and it has been proven that it has the ability to attach and bind itself to fat and after it has done this it removes the fat from the body. Another major product which is used in making this Bonita™ Carb Blocker is gymnema sylvestre. This herb is known for reducing and minimising sugar cravings. It does this through the taste receptors in your mouth. It reduces and minimizes the intense need and urge of consuming foods that contain sugar. Another ingredient which is present in Bonita™ Carb Blocker is garcinia cambogia. Garcinia cambogia is a fruit extract and this fruit is acts as an appetite suppressant. It reduces and minimizes your need and urge to eat and by so doing it will greatly help you reduce your ingestion and intake of carbohydrates and in the process calories.

Even though this drug has been proven to curb your appetite and reduce your eating quantity, consumption, and habits, it should be avoided if you are taking any medication or if you have any serious medical problems and conditions. It is also highly recommended that you consult your doctor before you begin using this product.


Reduces carbs you digest
Forces body to burn more fat
Consume less calories per meal


Blocks carbs in your diet
Affordable and effective
100% natural ingredients

Body Transformation: From Insecure to Confident

I am a 20 year old third year university student. I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine. I am also a certified personal trainer. However, health was not always such a big focus point in my life.

Like most females, I struggled with body image from a young age. So much so that my senior year of high school I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. I had such a distorted idea of what beauty was and was willing to risk my health in order to try to obtain something so unrealistic. It was an uphill battle and I finally realized I couldn’t win. I thought I was always going to eat “too much” and be “too fat.” (Of course, neither of these things were true. I ate far too little and became much too thin.) I have never felt weaker in my entire life.

I finally gave in and decided I wanted to be healthy. This was much harder than I thought it would be. I instantly started to put on weight. (Because I shot my metabolism to hell with how little I had been eating and with how much cardio I had been doing.) About this time, I started college. That first semester I needed a PE credit and the only class still open was weight lifting. Nervously (because I didn’t want to get “bulky”) I registered for it. That class was my saving grace. I started to learn what true strength was both mentally and physically. In that, I found peace. I found something that would pay off when I put work in to it.

Nutritionally, I realized that I needed to fuel my body properly for what I wanted it to do. My mindset shifted from how my body looked to what my body was capable of. In the midst of that, I began to see the physical beauty in my strength and have never been more confident with my body. The freedom I feel now is not something I could ever have even dreamed of, and being able to share that, with others who have yet to find it, is my motivation.

Paramore’s Let the Flames Begin and Part II are my top two motivational songs.

Some fitness figures that I am motivated by are:

Nikki Blackketter

Emily Duncan

Massy Arias

Ashley Conrad

Christian Guzman

Coming from an eating disorder, I do not track everything I eat because that reminds me too much of a really dark time in my life. I do however, try to make sure I reach macro minimums to ensure that I am getting the proper daily nutrients. I supplement my diet with Whey and Casein Protein, BCAAs, L-Glutamine, and Glucosamine. I also take cellucor’s C4 as a pre-workout and have recently been trying out the Super HD product.

For my workouts, I usually lift 4-6 times a week with the occasional cardio session and yoga 1-2 times a week. When in the weight room, I divide my sessions up by muscle groups and really listen to my body when deciding what to train each day. However, I like to work each group at least once if not twice a week. I also throw in some eccentric training and plyometrics.

This is just the start. I went into college as a fashion major and am now studying sports medicine. The more I learn about the human body, the more I realize how much there is to learn. I never want to stop learning and growing both physically and mentally. Post-grad, I want to either go to Physical Therapy school or get a masters/doctorate in Nutrition. Whatever direction I go in, I know that I want to help people find their strength and learn how to love themselves. I truly believe that that is what health is about.