Weight Watcher Point Counter

Since the 1960’s Weight Watchers has been helping people shed those extra pounds.  In fact the Weight Watcher diet plan has been the most successful of all weight loss programs – ever – focusing on nutrition and exercise to lose weight. This is a company that can now be found in 30 countries, but it was during the 1990’s that the weight watcher point counter was introduced.

Weight Watchers is unique because it counts points instead of calories using the weight watchers point counter.  This means that every single food has a point value assigned to it and a combination of foods to make a dish have a total point value.

So rather than worrying about what number of calories you are consuming, you need to just keep tab of points.  You get so many points for the day and so many for the week and how you consume your daily points is up to you.  There are no food restrictions.

Your weight watcher plan will assign you your points for each day based on your body type and your current body weight, plus your desired weight goal.  You use the weight watchers point counter to calculate what the point value of all the different foods is.  The “FlexPoints” system introduced in 2004 now lets you bank some of your points for that special occasion or treat at the end of the week.

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Once a week you will meet at the Weight Watchers center where your weight loss counselor will weigh you in and you will record your new numbers.  Next you will participate in the group meeting, which will be a relaxing time of trading stories and tips, as well as motivational stuff for the following week.  Weight Watchers also provides you with the full weight watchers point counter which includes the point chart, and the optional pocket point calculator can also be purchased and is available online just by logging into weight watchers site.

Online you’ll find group discussions and diet consultation as well as hundreds of great recipes, all encouraging you to stick with the program.  Motivation is a huge part of success with any program. And because the weight watcher point counter is an integral part of the program a great deal of time is spent working within in and teaching you how to combine foods for the best point value.

The Weight Watcher diet plan combined with weight watchers point counter is far superior to any fad diets that provide very little weight loss and just cost you a lot of money. Weight watchers costs around $40 a month, which some may find expensive compare to other diet plans, however the weight watchers point counter is an effective program so if it work is $40 really too much money ?  You can spend less and get a lot less results too.  Your weight watchers point counter is the main tool to staying within your allowable points.  Don’t worry with no food restrictions you’ll forget you are on a diet.  But then who could resist a delicious chocolate cake ?